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Lens filter function selection guide

Filters are arguably faster to use, based upon your situation, so if you’re a photographer who is always on the go (such as at public events), they might offer the very best choice. They also don’t suffer the danger, much like slot-in filters, of slipping or sliding from a holder if you chance to be changing position in a hurry.
The other path you can choose, then, would be to use slot-in filters, which by their nature require you to use a dedicated holder (which can usually take several filters at a time, in the event that you so desire ). For this, you will also need to buy an adapter ring that attaches to the front of the lens in use, onto which the holder then slides. The holders and connector rings themselves fluctuate based on individual and manufacturer product particulars, but as long as you stick with the same’system’ you’ll be absolutely fine.
As you might imagine, there are hundreds of creative filters out there. These span every conceivable effect from colourful light correction to starbursts, soft focus and even aids to focusing. This list covers the most popular options, with a concise overview of what each can do for you.
The rule of thumb here should be, as ever, buy the very best that you can afford. Keep in mind, the light might need to pass through the filter before travelling via the lens and onto the camera detector, so the higher the quality of that glass, the better. Realistically, this equates to ensuring you get the sharpest pictures potential. read more

Sony Expands Full-frame E-mount lens lineup REVIEW

The brand new full-frame lens covers the commonly used 24-105mm focal length range, providing outstanding G Lens imaging functionality with the most lightweight design in its own class 1, maximising its flexibility and usability. Sony say it may be used for versatile shooting like portrait photography and weddings. The lens also includes rapid, precise and quiet autofocus capabilities in both still and movie shooting, making it an perfect complement for Sony’s broad line-up of E-mount cameras.
Sony’s lens brand new lens provides excellent corner-to-corner sharpness throughout the entirety of its zoom range. The high picture quality is made possible because of the advanced optical design which features four aspherical lens elements, two of which are high precision AA (advances aspherical) lenses. There are also three strategically located ED (Extra-low dispersion) glass elements that operate to minimise chromatic aberration and ensure that the greatest resolution is captured. read more