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By | December 17, 2016

Lots of exciting Sony Camera news and rumors this last week including a New Lens Camera, Nex Full Frame Updates, Three New Sony Full Frame Sensors, and Hasselblad is at it again, but this time a little more reserved.
The web is buzzing like crazy over the new Hasselblad Steller contraption, and the Sony lens Camera Rumor that was leaked. The new Sony lens camera rumor is far more exciting to me, but the Steller is still the headline king for now.

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New Sony Lens Camera

This is just incredible technology at work and I can’t wait to play with this in real life!

 The sensor is built into the back of the lens and the lens talks to the smart phone or tablet via wi-fi and/or other Sony technology. Two of theses new Sony lens cameras will be introduced. The first model uses the RX100 II sensor and Zeiss lens.The second version will be a 10x optical zoom version with a much smaller 1/2.3 sized sensor.The Lens camera will also have some memory inside so you can use it as a stand-alone unit. The advantages to this technology are numerous, but it also seems a bit odd to me, because sensor technology changes so fast? It would be nice having the super high-resolution tablet screen to work with though if conditions were good. Is this lens camera concept something you would consider trying??

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New Sony Full Frame Sensors

Looks like we have confirmation on three new Sony full frame sensors! These should be next generation hybrid af sensors and I can’t wait to see how they do in the real world.

The Latest courtesy of SAR:

The next generation A-mount and E-mount Full Frame cameras will feature a newly designed Sony Full Frame sensor. There are three different versions that have been developed: 24, 32 and 36 megapixel sensors. It’s still hard to say which camera will use which sensor…
The first camera suing the new sensor should be the NEX-FF!


What is Hasselblad Doing?

h4d-200I have no idea honestly, but this latest creation that is making an internet sensation is called the “Steller”. Hasselblad, if your not familiar, is known for making top of the line medium format cameras that go for about $20-40,000 US. See the image to the right of the H4-200ms! First they decided to launch the “Lunar” which appeared to be a total failure in my opinion.

Unlike the crazy expensive Lunar model, which was basically a $7000 Nex Clone, the Steller is a Sony DSC-RX100 clone ?

Yup, they took the other Sony camera that is a huge success and put a really fancy skin on it. So, I do believe a few of these cameras will sell to the trendy type folks that have a few extra pennies to spend on gadgets like this. You know the type of people I’m talking about, and nothing against them, but this is just silly.

Anybody thinking rationally however, would buy the RX100 or the RX100 II instead. I must admit the grip looks pretty cool and most likely works well, but they do make aftermarket grips for the Sony RX series, so again it doesn’t make sense.

The Hasselblad steller is rumored to cost anywhere from ~$1500-$3000 US, but we shall see how that turns out. I think the price is still to be determined based on the feedback/ buzz on the web. Especially since the last media frenzy over the Lunar. I wonder if they sold even one of those cameras?

Check out the ” Hasselblad Steller”

Hasselblad Steller

Hasselblad Steller

Hasselblad Steller

Hasselblad Steller – Carbon

Hasselblad Steller

Hasselblad Steller

Hasselblad Steller

Hasselblad Steller


If you’re the type that always wanted a camera with the name Hasselblad on it, but could only dream of it, then this dressed up Sony RX100 is for you, and it’s styling is quite interesting to say the least ?

In all seriousness though, I would strongly recommend the Sony RX100 series instead, and they do make after market grips for the RX100 on Amazon(click here)

My buddy Sam over at, also did a nice write-up/ summary on the Hasselblad camera madness. Check it out below and thanks for sharing the link Sam.

  • Hasselblad Lunar / Stellar – Just a Sony NEX7 / Sony RX100 In Expensive Clothes…


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